Online Slots Tips

There is no sure fire way to winning while playing slots, be that online slots or slot machines in land based casinos, and anyone that tells you otherwise is is wrong. Every slot has a RTP ratio, or return to player ratio, and that's usually around the 95/96% mark that means for every dollar put into the slot it will pay back around $0.96. Just like every single casino game ever made, slots have an in built house edge or house advantage and just like all games, winning is a lot down to luck and playing at the right time.

People do win when playing online slots, of course they do, they simply wouldn't exist if people didn't win when playing them, just imagine a game being around for so long and no-one had ever won on it, that would be absurd...people would simply not play them and they would fade away forever. As mentioned, winning on online slot is down to luck, however saying that, there are a few things that you can do to create a little bit of your own luck, and perhaps increase your chance of being a winning player. While you simply cannot win at every slots session, you can up your chances a little, and give yourself a winning edge.

Simple Slots Winning Tips

As we mentioned above, all slots have a return to player ratio so it's up to you to play a slot with a higher RTP ratio and all slots will have that number advertised somewhere...the higher that number is to 100 the more that slot will pay out. Managing your money into multiple slots sessions is a great idea. Let's say you deposit $100 into your online casino account, why not split that money over 2 sessions, setting yourself both a loss amount and a win amount? Maybe if you lose $50 it's time to walk away and come back another time as you still have $50 to play with, and it's also a good idea to walk away when you're on the up. Many people will continue playing after a winning streak, but it's well worth thinking about leaving the slot after a good run, as there's nothing quite like the feeling of closing that slot and knowing you've beaten it.

If you're managing your bankroll correctly and watching your money then it's also a good idea to play slots with a low betting minimum. You'll still be getting the same slots entertainment, but it will last a whole lot longer with smaller bets, and you still have chances of hitting decent wins. Learn a little about the slot you intend on playing too, this won't increase your chances of winning but it will add to the enjoyment of the game, knowing what symbols mean what.

Take your time and enjoy your slots play. Many players make the mistake of making their deposit and hammering at that spin button. Relax and spin a little slower, and remember that slots are there for casino gaming entertainment and some fun, and although winning will of course be on your mind, there's nothing wrong with taking it easy and making the most of your slots play.