Slotastic Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

This site claims to be the most fun on the Internet, and we are inclined to believe them! It looks great, plays great, and has some of the best games you will see. It also has ever-changing promotions, and some promotional bonuses that you will not see anywhere else. All of your favorite games from the best providers are here, and they look and play better than they ever had. If you want some thing that offer that, and have no qualms about getting free money for your loyalty, this is a great place to hang out!

Big Promotions

The biggest promotions are your welcome bonuses. These include a 150% welcome bonus, which gives you 150% on top of whatever put down for your first deposit. You'll also be given 117 free spins when you join, and an additional 170 free spins every time you make an additional deposit. These are only valid for the first five or six deposits, however, so don't think that these rewards are going to happen indefinitely! This is a business after all.

There is also a daily and weekly bonus every time you come back to the Slotastic site. The daily bonuses 50 free spins, which will be divided on games that they themselves have chosen. After that there's also a 70% bonus on certain titles, as well as 77 spins, themed after lucky number seven in case you were wondering. On titles that have to do with Asia for the Chinese new year, they will give you 100% extra on your bonuses, as well as 33 free spins. If you plan on mobile device, you also get 100% bonus, to get you addicted to playing your phone. Few things on the site aren't rewarded, and in general, there's a promotion no matter what you're doing on the site!

Games are Great

The games are high quality, and the best you will see around. The most popular right now are all themed after Chinese new year because that recently happened at the beginning of February. Lucky eight is one popular title, which has a win-win feature that will let you double your jackpot. There is also kung fu rooster, made for the year of the rooster, although that's not necessarily the year you will be playing again. Fire dragon is also a Chinese themed game modeled after the Jackie Chan movie of the same name. It features high flying graphics an action, as well as winnings that will be doubled during this month. Lucky tiger is your tried-and-true gold and red themed Chinese game, which also looks and plays great, and gives you more than you would otherwise with Chinese new year upon us. There are over 150 fun games you can play here, which you can play for real money, or just for fun. They have them in over a variety of genres, and include video slots, progressive jackpots, and all kinds of table games. There are few kinds of games you can find in a casino that you won't see here. In general, it has the best of the best on offer.

There is a reason this site was rated as the best bitcoin casino. Using that, and taking advantage of them any promotions, you can expect your rewards to be multiplied far in excess of what they would be of any other website. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, and if they really live up to their claims that they are the funnest/site on the Internet, feel free to head on over and give it a try.