SpinDimension Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

Welcome to the SpinDimension Casino, which provides you with plenty of opportunities to use the no deposit bonus codes that you can find online and in this review. Although there's no obligation to download the casino software and play for real money, we nonetheless your compelled to appraise you of the $7000 Starter Pack which is activated once you create a casino account. In keeping with this, there is a Progressive Jackpot casino wide which is worth $336,000 at the present time - and writing until someone wins. There's also a header which shows the winners in a constant stream of information; perhaps you can be the next one on there! There is round-the-clock support available, as well as a Promotion Zone which can be combined with the VIP Rewards.

SpinDimension has a vibrant presentation, which befits its status as one of the newer video casinos in cyberspace. You will find a section dedicated exclusively to new release games, as well as one which highlights the entire library of video Slots, table games, specialty games and more. It is very advisable to use the no deposit bonus code to simply get a taste of what the casino offers before you make the decision to download and play in earnest. There's no financial obligation, of course, and you can play the Flash mode while pursuing virtual currency for the long as you want. Let's see what the bonus and promotion sections have to offer in SpinDimension.

SpinDimension VIP And Promotions

This casino provides gamers with the opportunity to take advantage of the VIP Rewards members club; it applies only to Legend and Master Tier Players (you'll find out more about these a little bit later; just know that you have to download the casino software and make a deposit in order to become eligible for these levels). The official name is the League Of VIPs; and you have to perform admirably in the normal games sections in order to become a kind of champion that receives an invitation here. Once inside, you will now become privy to elevated levels of gifted free plays, exclusive power ups, improved experience point compilations, some serious cashback opportunities, and numerous other offers that are intended to enhance gameplay. You will receive these randomly Monday through Friday, as well as on the weekend and even monthly. Here's a short breakdown of what you can expect:

  • First of all you can get a 125% Match Bonus that is good for deposits of up to $300
  • The minimum deposit is locked in at $45
  • There's a low wagering requirement of at least 25x
  • Keep in mind that if you own an account with a pending withdrawal, you are ineligible for this VIP Rewards opportunity until the transactions concerning your account are concluded
  • The maximum cash out is $2500

Additionally, real money players have an opportunity to rack up rewards and gain entry into the Loyalty Levels. The first level is known as the Rookie Level; your experiences based on how many purchases you make tallying up to $1000 or less from the date you open your account. The bonuses you can receive what you resist level jump up to a single experience point for every dollar you wager, you also receive 7 1/2% weekly insurance on all of your losses; this is paid back to you on Cash Back Monday. You also receive opportunities for match offers in free spins weekly, and you can redeem on your experience points for casino credits.

The next loyalty level is the Pro Loyalty Level; all of your experience points are predicated on making purchases higher than $1000 but lower than $2999.99 from the date of account opening. After this condition is met, you'll start again a couple of experience points for every dollar you wager. Thereafter, you also receive weekly insurance on your losses to the tune of 10% - these will be paid on Cash Back Mondays. Slowly but surely, you'll also notice a distinct improvement in the match offers and free spins you receive each week to your casino account, and all of your experience points up to a maximum of $250 can be redeemed at the end of the week.

The final loyalty level is the Legend Loyalty Level; to be eligible you have to have over $15,000 worth of net purchases is the date of account opening. Once you get there, the prizes really ramp up: you now get 4 experience points for every dollar wager, as well as a weekly insurance of 20% of your lasses returned to you on Cash Back Mondays, and a whole bunch of free spins and match offers every week. Additionally, your experience points will be redeemed for credits to play casino games, and this is good up to an amount of $1000. In the Live Dealer section of the casino, your table limits will be increased significantly, all while you receive free chip rewards each week and the ability to cash out more winnings than the run-of-the-mill casino gamer. Lastly, you will have a dedicated VIP Customer Support rep for your exclusive use. Let us now slide right into the video slots that are available for gameplay either in free mode or download mode:

1. Gold Rush Slots Game Summary

Gold Rush Slots is one of those very popular game themes that is being used by Real Time Gaming, Rival Gaming, and Pragmatic Play in equal measure. This particular one for Spin Dimension Casino is from Pragmatic Play, and the very first symbol is that of one of those old-school gold miners that sojourned to San Francisco in the early years to strike it rich. For five of a kind of the gold miners symbol you win €25; for four of a kind of the gold miners symbol you win €10, and for three of a kind of the gold miner icon your prize is €1.25. The next symbol is a cart of Gold Nuggets; five of a kind of the cart of Gold Nuggets pays you €20, whereas for four of a kind of the cart of Gold Nuggets your prize is €7.5, and three of a kind get you €1.25. With just a couple more character symbols to go, we reveal the prize payout for five of a kind of the Saddleback donkey - it's €15; for four of a kind of the Saddleback donkey symbol your prize is €6.25, and three Saddleback donkeys pays you €1.25. The cave lantern symbol, for five of a kind, get you €10; for four of a kind of the cave lantern you win €5.00, and for three of a kind of the cave lantern your prize is €1.00. The last character symbol are the minor tools - consisting of a pickax and a shovel. Five of a kind pays you five euros, for four of a kind your paid €2.5, and for three of a kind your prize is one euro. Download and play Gold Rush Slots today.

2. Aztec Warrior Slots Game Summary

For the second and final slot that we will shortly summarize, we have Aztec Warrior Slots. Clearly, this one is an old to the long dead fighters of the first central American civilizations. The Bonus symbol is an image of three skulls with various precious stones in their eyesockets - Jade, emerald, and a pink gemstone called rose quartz. If you can get at least three of these lined up, then you activate the bonus feature in the game. As for the top paying symbols, the first one is an Aztec Monster from their mythology; five of a kind rewards you with 1000 gold coins, whereas for four of a kind of the Aztec monster your prize is 250 gold coins, and three of a kind delivers a 25 gold coin payout. Next is the true king of the jungle in this region of the world: the Jaguar. Five of a kind of the Jaguar pays you 500 gold credits, four of a kind of the Jaguar symbol pays you 100 gold coins, and three of a kind of the Jaguar is worth 15 gold credits. Scooting into third place we have the Golden Eagle symbol; five of a kind of the Golden Eagle is worth 500 gold coins, four of a kind of the Golden Eagle icon pays you 100 gold coins, and three of a kind of the Golden Eagle is worth 15 gold coins. In conclusion be have the fourth and final symbol, which is a red and purple tree frog. Five tree frogs symbols are worth 250 gold coins, four tree frog symbols pays you 75 gold coins, and three of a kind of the red and purple tree frog icon in this slot pays you 15 gold coins.

Final Bonus Promotions Pack At SpinDimension

After you have whet your appetite using the no deposit bonus option, you can consider creating a username and password and downloading for real. Once you make this decision, special bonus promotions such as the $7000 Started Back at SpinDimension are yours to claim immediately. Additionally, for your first deposit and receive a 500% bonus that is good for your initial $500 max. But that's not all - for your second through fourth deposits, you can still get a 200% match bonus that's good for up to $750 in total. Keep an eye out for upcoming promotions such as the Monthly Promo which is listed on the SpinDimension website as coming soon. Similarly there's also a Cash Back promotion that is separate from Cash Back Mondays; this is also on the way keep on checking the landing page for your email for news as it unfolds.

Insofar as daily loot is concerned, make sure to visit the casino every Tuesday for the Tuesday Energizer, which is good for 50 free spins. There's also the Match Mode which is good for 80% up to $100 the very next day. If that's not enough, then consider the Power Chip which delivers a free $40 chip to your casino account, which is potentially followed by the Super Chip which is a deliver of $75 in free chips to the real money player. As for the current monthly option, it's got the Monthly Power Up; it is tantamount to 112% match bonus up to $270 wagered. Lastly, we have the Health Pack bonus that delivers a 95% recompense of the $230, close out by the Charm bonus that 65% of the tuition $30 as well. Download and play.