Vikings' Victory Slots

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5-reel, video, bonus

Take on the feared Vikings while trying to pull away some of their pillaged riches for yourself in the exciting Vikings' Victory slots game from RTG. This game gives you a beautiful backdrop to play on top of the sea with a long ship behind you.

Cool Viking Animations

The moment that you get started playing this slot game the Vikings swing into action. You'll see Vikings battling, swinging their weapons and shooting arrows across the screen. The Viking animations help bring this slot game to life and give you something very cool to look at as you play the game. You'll quickly grow used to the different Viking characters moving around, but it's a pretty cool feature that will really stand out the first time that you play.

Pick Three Bonus Round

Get three or more of the scatter symbols while playing this online slot and you'll be entered into the bonus game where it's your job to pick out three prize crates to create the biggest possible prize amount. Just choose carefully, because some crates have much larger prizes in them than others.

The Wild Viking Jackpot

Get five or more of the wild Viking symbols and you're in business with a serious jackpot of 5,000x your coin value. You could end up winning a significant amount if you have the value set high enough while playing. At the end of the bonus round your winnings will be revealed and you can find out just how well you did.

Bet Your Winnings

Another cool feature that this slot game has that you don't see on too many modern slots today is the bet feature. You can wager any winnings that you get while playing this slot. If you win 1,000 coins, you can wager those coins and try to double your winnings. Just beware, if you lose your wager you lose all the coins that you won as well. Some players can turn their wins into even more massive prizes, but the unlucky go home with nothing at all.

Vikings Victory is a unique online slot game with some cool features and decent jackpot payouts. It's a beautiful game with a nice theme, which is what draws most players in. The dynamic reels, frequent prize payouts and rewarding jackpots are what keep them coming back for more again and again. Give it a try and you might find yourself addicted to trying to rip off the Vikings and win big.