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With how great the bonuses are and how great the games look, it is no wonder that this is the most popular new casino around! With a welcome bonus so big you would think it was a typo, and 100% cash back, a few casinos can match the bonuses and the rewards that they give loyal players. If you like high production values, this site has them all around!

Amazing Welcome Bonuses for Newcomers

For starters, newcomers can get the newcomer bonus, which gives you $2600 on your deposit, as well as 100% cashback. This means that, should you lose your money within the first spins on games, you get all of it back! This doesn't count if you wait of course, somewhat being a loss insurance. You can also instead choose to get $3000 on your first deposit, and only 50% cashback. It's totally up to you, and how confident you are in your gambling skills!

Bitcoin Bonuses as Well

As nice as those bonuses are, the fun doesn't stop there. If you happen to use bitcoin, for example, you get a hell of a lot more money for your time! You can get percentage bonuses based on your deposits, as well as getting some bonuses when you make your withdrawals. Other transaction methods cost the same money, which they pass the savings from on to you if you decide to use bitcoin. Considering it is the most secure way to make online transactions, as well as the fastest, you should probably be using bitcoin even if you had no desire for the bonuses.

Individual Game Helpers

If you are playing a new game for the first time, you also get special visitors that come to the game they give you certain rewards. Think of this as a new kind of helping agent for players that are new to a game. Even if you are only new to online gambling at this website and not necessarily elsewhere, this feature comes in handy. It essentially amounts to getting a little more insured winnings if you are new. There's nothing wrong with that, being free winnings for all players!

Real Time Gaming Goodness

As far as the games are concerned, you can find the best of the best here from real time gaming. Real time gaming is the software platform that provides independently verified winning statistics, a higher return to player, nice production values, and interesting special features. They are the most popular software platform for online gambling on the entire Internet. The best of the best real time gaming titles have been hand selected for you here, being under one roof with nice bonuses.

Best Real Time Gaming Titles

Among the real time gaming titles here, the most popular at the moment is Sevens and Stripes. This is a very patriotic game that has a cult following due to the nature of it. It has relatively simple gameplay mechanics, and unforgettable color scheme, and all kinds of goodies in stored if you're a fan of America!

Cash bandits 3 is also very popular. It is the apex of the legendary series, and has become so popular they give out frequent bonuses. At the time of this writing, for example, you can get 100 free spins! This is along side the usual bonuses on your deposit, which go up overtime. You can also get large percentage bonuses on individual slots based on the time of month.

You can also enjoy Achilles Slots. This is an old style Roman and Greek themed game that looks like it could have been ripped from the pages of the Odyssey. It features normal five reel style play, nice bonus rounds, and in undeniably distinct theme. This is one of the more popular real time gaming titles, and the second most popular on the site.

You could also enjoy Aladdin's wishes. This is an Arabian nights themed slot machine game. It takes very much inspiration from the Disney animated movies, as well as their associated TV series. The genie here is green, but you can tell that they are basically doing a low budget version of Disney's Aladdin. And there is nothing wrong with that! It looks absolutely great, hand-drawn down to the finer details, and pays out just as well as if you had found a magic lamp yourself.

Ancient gods is another popular one, being somewhat of a cross between older style Chinese zodiac games and high flying Power Rangers action. We mention power rangers because some of the gods pictures here are larger than life, and fully armored. They have a somewhat mechanized look at times, in the case of the turtle. This is alongside the usual Chinese dragons and tigers. It has the highest production values of any of the games on the site. If you are a fan of Asian themed slot machine games, this should be your first one to try! It also gets frequent bonuses as a reward.

Asgard follows closely behind it. It is based on the same thing that the Marvel Thor movies are based on. Norse mythology is the source material, so you should recognize many of the characters. Here, the leading character is Odin himself, followed by Thor, Valkyrie, and Loki. Everything you expect from a Norse mythology themed game is here. Across the five reels, you will also have different staff bonuses depending on how you would like to play. It is one of the more involved real time gaming titles, and a fan favorite among many.

They also have a wide variety of Aztec themed games. Three of them in a row are among the top charts of popular at a very consistent. One of them is called Aztec's Millions. The next is called Aztec's treasure. The third is a special edition version of that game, with feature guarantee. They all play relatively similar, and have the same basic graphics. This is why we refer to them in unison. They are pretty much variations on the same game. That does not make them any less fun, how ever. As long as the money is rolling in and the art styles are lavish, we think it fits the Aztec him very well.

The last of the most popular real time gaming titles is called Basketbull. If you are familiar with the Globetrotters team from many years ago out of Harlem, they did the same thing here, but with cartoon characters. If you are a basketball fan, and a cartooning fan, and have ever attended one of those games, you will enjoy this one. It is not the best drawn, but conveys quite a bit of humor. This is one of our top favorites!

Accepts Many Deposit Methods

When you're looking to make a deposit, you can use many of the most popular methods. Our favorite is bitcoin, but they also except American Express, MasterCard, bank wire transfers, NeoSurf, and Visa. Between all of those methods, you have no excuse for not getting your money in there to win some in return!

Play in Canada, America, Europe, and Australia

No matter where you are, most likely you are able to access the games here. Most members of their audience are across America, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Even some parts of South America are frequent fliers here! It is a popular casino the world over. We are unsure at this time if parts of Asia can access it, but if you have open Internet access well enough to read this, chances are you can.

Great Loyalty Rankings Program

One of our favorite features about this website is the lucky league. The more you play, the more your rank goes up, much like a rewards points and loyalty program on the credit card. Starting off as of the enlightened apprentice, you get a $70 bonus, as well as some of the cash back. As you move up to a Tiger's associate, that amount doubles, if you get more comp points. Beyond that is a lucky fellow, with $250 loyalty bonus money, weekend cashback on top of the monthly, and higher betting limits. After that, you have the fortune maker. This has a $500 loyalty bonus, both of the monthly and the weekend cashback options, higher comp points, and ever higher limits on betting still. From jungle mentor on up to master of luck, you can max out at a total of $1000 in loyalty bonuses, no limits on your betting, and the highest amount of comp points available. To be able to advance among the ranks, you mostly need need to keep playing. The last one is by invitation only. If you play enough, however, you will get there!

Superb Support

Lastly, the casino has some of the best support you will find online. Whether you would like to contact them via email, telephone, or in their ever handy chat app, you will receive a response in short order. The best way to contact them is of course the chat app. You'll be connected almost instantly no matter the time of day.