Reels of Magic Slots

There is something that is a lot of fun in playing the old styles of slots. Perhaps it is the retro or throwback feeling, or maybe it is the entertainment of just watching the reels spin and waiting for that win. Reels of Magic Slot offers just that experience, which is why it quickly becomes a favorite once you play.

Developed by Microgaming, this is a classic three reel slot with one payline. It is simple, straightforward and easy to play and allows a good range of wagering possibilities with the addition of a multiplier for more winnings.

Wagering on the Game

Even if the theme may be magic, there is nothing tricky or mystical about wagering on the slot. You have to choose a coin size first, which can range from just twenty-five cents to up to five dollars. You can bet a maximum of three coins on the payline, which means that maximum bet is $15 dollars, and the minimum is just $0.75.

On the reels, you will see the standard sevens and bars, but there are also symbols of magic to round out the selection. You will see the mandatory magician's rabbits as well as the hat, cards and a wand. Another symbol paying out is the magic logo, which will pay out even with only one on the payline.

Winning Possibilities

As with all classic slots, there is a very good winning rate on these games. The magic symbol pays out with one two or three, and bars will pay in any combination of three. This includes three of the same or a single, double or triple bar set in any combination on the winning payline.

Additionally, look for the red sevens, three of them across the payline is the second highest prize. The top prize is the single icon of the magician's tools, and this pays out a full 5000 coins when playing three coins, which is why max bet is always recommended.

While it is true that Reels of Magic Slot by Microgaming doesn't offer all the extra features of video slot, it is a great slot game for anyone who wants to go back to simpler times. It is a fun way to spend some extra time online and with the wagering options it is a great low-cost game to play while still offering some real serious winning possibilities.