Slot Machine Myths

Online slots are the most popular real money casino game played in US online casinos, and they deliver so much fun and entertainment to literally thousands of players each and every day. Quite possibly due to the fact there is so much written about online slots, and the fact that there are so many slots stories and just such a buzz about online slots, certain myths have been formed, and you'll find tales abound regarding how to win at online slots, the best time to play slots and the right slots to play. While a whole lot of the information you are provided with is true, and certain facts regarding online slots are quite simply that...facts, there are quite a few slots myths, and we hope that here, we put a few of those myths to bed.

There is No Right Time to Play an Online Slot

There's a myth that many players believe to be true, and it states that there's a right time to play a slot machine, and at certain times the slot will be running hot and paying out the prizes. Often people believe that if one person has just lost in a machine that the next player is sure to win, and this is simply false. Maybe to some extent this was true many years ago in land based slot machines, but in online slots, as in new modern 5 reel video land based machines, everything is managed by the Random Number Generator.

The Random Number Generator works like a computer and as the reels spin, the RNG makes sure that each and every spin is truly random, no matter how much money has been won or lost and no matter what time of day or night you are playing the slot.

The Lucky Slot Machine

Many players have what they call their lucky slot machine, and that is simply because they often hit a good winning streak or maybe it paid out a large amount the very first time they played it. There is nothing at all wrong with having a lucky slot, as stated, many players have them, but the fact is that the slot is run by the RNG and again, all spins are random and the fact that it paid out a whole pile of cash was simply down to your luck at that particular session.

The More Coins You Play the More Frequent the Wins

Again this is not true, while the more coins you play, the bigger the wins will be is of course true, in no way does the amount of coins you bet per line affect the frequency of the wins. You could be spinning at 1 coin per line and hit 10 wins on the bounce, or you could be playing 10 coins per line and hit nothing, as once again the Random Number Generator means that everything is random.

Some Slots Pay More than Other...Now this is True!

The one myth that you will hear a whole lot of is that some slots will payout more than other slots, and this is is not actually a myth, it is 100% true. All online slots have what's known as a return to player ratio and that determines how much the slot will pay out. While there is not a huge difference in the percentage amount, with most online slots paying around 94 to 95% back to the player, obviously the higher that percentage amount the more is paid back, but we stress, that the small amount makes very little difference.

Many players play a particular online slot simply because they enjoy it, and that's the best attitude to have when choosing and playing an online slot. It's not a good thing to believe that this slot or that slot is lucky, or that another will pay out more as this is simply not true. Choose your slot because you think you may enjoy playing it, or that it has a great bonus round, or a large jackpot that you are trying to hit, but not because of any of the many slots myths.