Online Progressive Jackpots Slots

If you've ever been to a Las Vegas casino you will have noticed the sheer amount of slots available to play, in the larger casinos there are quite literally thousands of them. Many of these slots are progressive slots, and machines such as Lion's Share and Mega Bucks are lined up in the Vegas casinos with many slots players all aiming to hit that big win, and online progressive slots work in just the same way. The Vegas slots progressive jackpots grow to huge amounts as many slots are networked together, with a small fraction of each wager being put aside towards the jackpot, and in online casinos, it works in the same way.

Networked for Huge Cash Payouts

Progressive slots in Vegas are all networked to ensure huge jackpots and fast growth once that jackpot has been won, and this is the same in online casinos. Online progressive slots work the same way in that a tiny amount from each real money spin is taken, and put into the progressive jackpot, and they are networked too, being played by many players at the same time, in many different online casinos. Using the popular RTG progressive slot Aztec's Millions as an example, you will find this great progressive slot available to play in many different RTG powered online casinos, and right at the top of the screen, above the 5 reels, you'll see the current jackpot amount...usually standing at over one million dollars. The Aztec's Millions jackpot is what's known as a pooled jackpot, therefore it's built up by players playing that very same slots at many different RTG online casinos, and that's how a progressive jackpot grows so large. As you can imagine, there are many casinos where this slot is available, and many players all aiming to hit the big jackpot, and looking at it that way, it's easy to see why such huge numbers are to be found.

Not all RTG casinos will offer the progressive slots selection, and if you're looking to sign up to an online casino wishing to play this type of slot then it's something you'll need to check before you register and make your deposit.

Surely Online Casinos Do Not Pay Those Huge Amounts?

Progressive jackpots are hit regularly and yes...casinos do pay those huge jackpot wins to players. Let's remember that these huge jackpots are built up over time with the help of the players real money spins, and this means that the jackpot is not actually 'owned' by the casino, it's held by the network provider and paid out to the player, via the casino, when won. It's often the case when a big win is hit that the player makes special arrangements for the jackpot to be paid to them, possibly over several installments due to withdrawal limits, however when won, these jackpots are paid, and they simply start building up again, waiting for the next slots player to strike gold.