The Basics Of Three Reel Slots Games

If you are familiar with playing online slots games you will know there are lots of five reel games out there to download and play today.

But there is also a wide range of three reel slots games, and these can be just as much fun to try and win money on. Let's take a look at what you can expect when playing these games.

A more traditional look

The original slots machines used to be the one armed bandit variety, so called because you would pull the handle at the side of the machine. These machines had three reels on them and this is the model the three reel slots are based on today.

If you love original and classic games, these will be ideal for you.

One payline to focus your attentions on

Typically speaking these games will have just the one payline. This is perfect if you are new to playing slots because you can get used to playing this way first. You can then go on to playing with more paylines if you wish.

Various different themes to look out for

Just because the three reel, single payline games are simple to get started with, it doesn't mean they are dull. In fact you will find lots of different themes in these games, so there is a lot of variety to focus on.

You can bet more than one coin on the payline

With multiple payline slots you will typically only bet one coin on each line you enable. But this isn't the case with single payline, three reel slots.

Here you will be able to bet more than one coin on the payline if you want to. Normally you can bet one, two or three coins. The more you bet the more you have a chance to win.

Always check the pay table so you understand what the potential prizes would be in this situation. Betting three will give you the chance to win the overall jackpot, whereas one or two coins would get smaller prizes.

On occasion you may be able to bet more coins than this on a single payline. A good example is the Hot 7s slots on the Bovada Casino, where you can bet as many as five coins per spin.

So why not download and play some three reel slots games today? They might make a nice change!