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200% + 50 Free Spins (WELCOME)
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Bitcoin, USD
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American Express, Bitcoin/BTC, MasterCard

Step into the ritz, glitz, and glamour of the Vegas strip anywhere, anytime when you log onto the Vegas Is Here Casino. With a sprawling amount of games, hefty welcome packages, and a secret VIP club, Vegas Is Here Casino is the go-to place to satisfy your Vegas craving when you're thousands of miles away from Nevada.

Welcome Packages

Like many casinos, Vegas Is Here presents players with an initial bonus package as a way to extend a warm welcome to new players. So, how does Vegas Is Here stand up to other welcome packages? I'll let their numbers speak for themselves. When you make your first deposit, you earn a 200% deposit bonus. Then, you also earn 20 free spins. Once you make a subsequent deposit, you earn 250% extra and 25 free spins. Seeing a pattern? Because for the third and final deposit, you earn a 300% deposit bonus plus a whopping 30 free spins. This strategic waterfall effect is both lucrative and exciting, and for this reason, is one of the best welcome packages I've seen online casinos dish out.

H​ow Do You Pay?

T​he most important aspect to consider before signing onboard with a new casino is what kind of payment forms they accept. After all, if they only accept a niche cryptocurrency that you've never heard of, it's best to move along. But that's not the case with Vegas Is Here casino. At this casino, they intentionally boast a wide range of currencies so that they cater to all different players and what people are most comfortable with. Players can choose between payment methods of credit cards like American Express, MasterCard, or Visa, popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Tether, or payment methods you may have never even heard of, like PayOp and Sofort.

V​IP? Yes, Please!

A​re you a VIP kind of player? Of course, you are! Now when you play often at Vegas Is Here Casino, you can become a VIP player and a member o the VIP Club. Why should you care about that? Lots of reasons! Once you're a member, you'll gain access to fun perks like VIP-only promotions. You'll also earn comp points faster and gain admittance to exclusive games like slot tournaments. This is especially fun for those players who are all about slot games. While gaining access to VIP-only promotions is a good perk, too, if you're not into slots, this promotion may seem a little lackluster compared with other online casinos.

W​here Can You Play?

A​t Vegas Is Here Casino, players worldwide can join in and share their love for Vegas games and betting. If you're a United States, Europe, Australia, or Canada resident, enter and enjoy. The only countries that this casino excludes are players from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, France, and Spain. If you're from those countries, fear not! Casinos are always shifting around their policies; check back in at a later date to see if their policy has changed.

L​et's Hit The Strip!

N​o matter where in the world you are, whether it be the castles in Germany or the streets of London, you can log on to Vegas Is Here Casino to experience the glamour and exhilaration Las Vegas offers. Play some of the best games digital casinos offer for a shot at becoming a VIP member for even more perks, access to slot tournaments, and more.