Sloto Stars Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

For out of this world presentation, out of this world bonuses, and out of this world games, this is a cosmic offering that you can expect to come back to frequently. It's a website so beloved by fans that it even has its own shop! Between the new slots that are added, the deals that they give you, and the feeling that they are generally throwing money at you, it's hard not to wonder how this site can maintain itself. It's all about loving you as the customer, and they put everything they have into it. We enjoy it, and think anyone that likes any above will too!

Great Promotions

The biggest bonus you'll get is the welcome bonus, which goes up to $8000. This is huge, and a lot greater than you're probably used to seeing elsewhere, so we will point out that it is no way a typo. After that, on your first deposit, you can get up to 250% on it. The second deposit is 200%, plus you get some free spins, and it goes down from there. You also get four bonus matches, that you have to redeem to get free spins. This also gives you a free $30 chip for the trouble. On top of that, there is a VIP rewards program. Every time you play a game, or put money into the site, your VIP points go up. The more you get of these, the more they like you, and the more they want you to stay around. They do this by giving you more free money to use on the casino. It's sort of like getting free deposit bonuses all over again! They often time to give you free spins as well. Every month, they also have additional events going on, usually themed after the various holidays that are happening, such as Chinese new year for this February. Out of the time of year, there's something going on, so you know you can find a game to your liking! And a promotion that you will love.

Best Games

They have games from all of the big providers, and have access to all of their latest slots the soonest that they come out. Some of our favorites include bubble bubble 3, Egyptian gold, and princess Warrior. The first is themed after witches, and features a cute and cuddly style with big boobs. The second one is themed after Egypt, and is a dark take on what you would expect from that era. After that is a Norse and Greek mythology themed game with more scantily clad women. Pretty much every single game you see has scantily clad women if it's going to be on the homepage, aside from twister wilds, which looks more similar to harvest moon. Everything that they have is top notch in terms of production values, so you can't really go wrong. If we were to make one recommendation, it will probably be bubble bubble three, however. It's an out of this world game that looks great no matter the time of year, and on Halloween, they have great promotions.

The customer service here is also great, receiving high praise from people on the front page itself. It's very rare for people to review customer service so highly, and for a website to be so confident in it that they feature it on their homepage. They do both here, however, letting you know they mean business, and giving you a good idea of how well they treat people. If you'd like to be one of those people, or just win a lot of money with quality games, give it a try!