Crazy Cherry Slots

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classic, 3-reel
Classic Slot Symbols

Some of the classic styles of slots tend to be limiting in the possibilities for gamblers and the features they offer. This is not the case with Crazy Cherry Slots as this is a classic slot game with a lot of winning possibilities.

If you haven't tried this upscale classic, you owe it to yourself to give it a spin. This slot allows for five different paytables based on the number of coins you wish to wager. The game also features a constant winning symbol, the Crazy Cherry logo, which can pay out when seen even once on the reels.

The Basic Game

This is a classic three reel, one payline slot in every sense of the word. However, unlike offering just three coin levels, the Crazy Cherry Slots offers five. This allows for high rollers and those wanting to play conservatively to find the right comfort level in the game.

You will notice immediately that this is a slot designed to look and play like a classic game. Players will feel like they are in their favorite casino and pulling up a stool to their selected slot.

Wagering is done with the plus and minus arrow buttons to the bottom left of the reels. Wagers are between one penny and ten dollars, and you can play up to 5 coins per line. This means a maximum wager of $50 per spin, which is very good for a classic slot.

Tips for Play

The center payline will highlight any winning combinations. These start with the Crazy Cherry logos, which function as a wild and also create the highest possible winning combination. They maximize when all three are on the winning payline but will also pay out with three in any position as the second highest payout.

Other symbols on the reels include one, two and three bar combinations. Any mixture of the bars on the payline will pay, but three of a kind is higher in earnings. The paytable is displayed over the reels, just as with a classic machine, and it is worth your while to compare the winning potential when placing your wager.

While there may not be all the bells and whistles and advanced animation found on some slot games, playing Crazy Cherry Slots has its own level of excitement. The sounds and visual experience are just like an actual casino slot, which makes it a great choice for players of all levels.