Liberty 7's Slots

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classic, 3-reel
Regional, American

When it comes to classic slots, it is hard to find a game that meets the guidelines as well as Liberty 7's Slots. This is a great game for traditionalists of actual casino play, but it is also a popular game for those new to online game play.

The first them you will notice about this slot is the mixture of American pride and symbolism on the slot. This is a very old school type of slot that has been carefully designed to give players the ambiance of playing in a real casino. On your first glimpse at the Liberty 7's Slots, you will see the red, white and blue colors, as well as a real life slot machine. If you look closely between the machine bank, you can even see the casino in the background, which is a nice additional touch.

The Play Factor

Playing is very simple as it common with these classic casino slots. You will just need to choose a coin size from a penny to up to twenty-five dollars. Then, just select the number of coins you want to play on the one payline, three reel slot.

Playing maximum will allow you to wager seventy-five dollars, while you can also play for the minimum. However, if you look to the top of the reels at the paytable it is easy to see why playing three coins is the most recommended option.

The big payout occurs on Liberty 7's Slots if you see the red, white and blue sevens on the reels with a three coin wager. This is a full 10,000 coins, which is certainly more than most of the classic slot offer.

How to Play

When you play Liberty 7's Slots, you will have full control over the game at the bottom of the reels. The paytable is available just above the reels, which provides you with the best understanding of how to play the game to your advantage.

Keep in mind, the game doesn't require all identical colored sevens to create a win. It is possible to win a substantial amount even with a combination of sevens.

The variety of different wagering opportunities continues to make this slot a popular option. When it doesn't offer all the additional winning options and the animations and other features of the newer styles of video slots, Liberty 7's Slots makes up in game play and winning possibilities.