Monte Magic Slots

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3-reel, bonus, classic

Every slot player has a soft spot for the old school classic slots. If you find yourself wanting to play those casino style slots but with some additional winning opportunities, make sure you try out Monte Magic slots the next time you go online.

WGS produces this slot, so it is a slot that is in a very large number of casinos. It is a slot with a fun, upbeat theme of magic, so you will recognize the symbols on the reels and the very traditional slot machine sounds as the reels are in motion and in winning combinations.

Getting into the Game

Even if you have never played an online or in a brick and mortar casino, you will have no difficulty in getting started with this slot. Just use the arrow buttons at the bottom of the three reels to set the wager amount per spin.

There is only one payline, so the amount you choose is the amount wagered times the credits from one to three. The minimum is just a penny and the maximum is thirty dollars per spin, making it a great game for those on a limited bankroll or those wanting a higher wager.

The way to maximize the win is by playing 3 credits. This allows you to have access to the wild and the bonus options on the screen.

Symbols and Winning

You will see the hand with the magic wand, starts, the rabbit and the hat on all three credit levels when playing Monte Magic slots. With the third credit, the magic top hat becomes the wild and also gives the maximum payout when you see three across the payline.

The single top hats are wild cards that also act as multipliers. Seeing one will earn double the winnings while two will result in quadruple the winnings.

There is also a new symbol, the rabbit in the top hat, which only appears when playing 3 credits. This symbol, when found in winning combination will trigger the Monte Magic slots bonus feature. With this pick type of game, you will choose one of the images present to reveal your winnings.

The Benefits

Although not a classic slot game in the real sense, Monte Magic Slots offers a myriad of bonus features as well as a lucrative jackpot. Can you pull the rabbit out of the hat? If you're a penny slot player, this game is for you. You will have plenty of chances to show off your "magic" skills as you play this delightful slot game. With 19 winning combinations, you can view each of them on the paytable located at the top of the slot machine.

Uncomplicated, yet also offering a few winning features not typically found on a three reel slot, Monte Magic slots makes a great way to relax and spend some time online. You will love the feel of real casino play and also appreciate the winning possibilities of this classic slot game.