Birds! Slots

Birds! Slots
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5-reel, 3D, video
Nature, Birds, Animals
If amazing graphics, animation, sound effects and very unconventional slot play appeals to you, you have to try out Birds!Slots the next time you get online. This is an amazing game to play just for the visual experience, but the winning opportunities make it even better.

The first thing you will notice is the very different look. The background is a colorful, quaint looking area and the reels are three wires on which are perched five birds, for a rough approximation of a five reel slot. You will not have any traditional paylines, which allows for more winning groups. Winning combinations fly away and birds drop down a wire, making the game very engaging and interesting.

Wagering and Playing

The Birds! Slots does look a bit more complicated than the more basic slot games, but it is very easy to play. With the plus and minus buttons at the bottom of the screen just choose a coin level from two cents to up to a dollar. You can then choose up to five coins per payline for a maximum wager of $125. All you have to do is click on the spin button. You can also set up an auto play feature to avoid having to spin manually. After any win, a player may choose the Double Up option to increase winnings.

Flighty Symbols

All of the symbols on the "reels" are very colorful cartoon birds with definite personalities. The key is to match birds of a feather, or these with the same color, in winning combinations.

When used in the win, the birds will become animated and fly away, which will result in further action with the birds remaining on the reels. If there is no win, the entire flock flies away and is replaced.

The very bright multi-colored bird is the wild. It can substitute for all others to create a winning group. There is no scatter; instead the game uses a Tweet O Meter.

Bonus Feature

In the left post holding the wire you notice liquid rising every time there is a winning combination of birds. As you fill the Tweet O Meter to the nest with successful winning flights of birds, you will earn free spins.

If you have four flights you will earn eight free spins, for five you will have 12, and with six you will be awarded 20. If you can see seven flights, you will have an additional 14 free spins with the current number of wins.

During the free spins, you can earn on the Tweet O Meter, which is one of the great features of Birds!Slots. Try this game the next time you play; it is a refreshing addition to your favorites list.