Slots.LV No Deposit Bonus Codes

We've never seen a drunken wisecracking panda bear sitting on a couch as a mascot for a gambling website, but Slots.LV has a lot to offer, and we are glad that she's there. If you want hot sexy games with attractive women, cute animal games for every year that has ever been, and many Asian and cultural themed games, this is a great place to start. There are also promotions going on almost every moment, making an exciting place to visit on the Internet. If any of these things sound great to you, then you should stop by and give it a try, especially during Chinese new year!

The promotions begin when you make a deposit on the website. The first is the $5000 welcome bonus, which varies based on how much money you put down. Don't expect to put down one dollar and get it! You have to put down a little more, that being the maximum. You also are rewarded for putting down bitcoin for your deposit, this being an independent promotion to the welcome bonus, but still being great. After that, the daily double up feature let you win double your winnings on select titles, which change. They are often the different table games, so slots tend to have different promotions. Refer a friend lets you tell other people about the website and get money in return if they go on to become a big spender. You also get rewarded for your favorite slots if you play them enough, and get different VIP bonus style points if you are a frequent flyer here. Almost everything you do is met with a promotion, making you feel like it's fun just to look around the website.

Games all Around

There are so many games you will never run out of any to play. Our favorites are Genesis Island, year of the dog, and crazy Christmas. The Genesis island is themed after King Kong, and the aisle of Dr. Marau. Take together, it's a humorous take on the genre, and very fun to look at. Year of the dog stands out to us because, in addition to Chinese new year, it has a cute fluffy little dog is the mascot, we are easy to please in that way. Crazy Christmas is about what you expect, being a progressive jack pot game themed after Saint Nicholas. Anything like a jackpot for us is better than other games. But many are unique to this website, and you will not find them anywhere else. This is both a good and a bad thing if there are titles that you would like to play here, but they have a good enough catalog that we don't think anyone will be disappointed.

They also have a good number of table games that have promotion associated with them, representing everything you normally see at a casino. Our favorites here are the roulette games, there being quite a number of them based on whether they are American, European, or anything else. They also have a lot of different poker games, such as classic three card poker, and Caribbean hold them. Caribbean hold them has 66,000 in jackpot waiting for you, making it one of our favorites to start up!

The website itself isn't much to look at, but the games certainly are, as are their efforts to get you to stay loyal as a fan. Nothing about it looks like anything you've seen elsewhere, and their catalog is truly unique to this website. We can recommend it to someone that has played other sites and wants to try something new, or anyone that wants to deposit in bitcoin.