VegasRush Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

If you want a site that only has the best of the best when it comes to graphics, production values, and winnings, it's hard to match VegasRush. They have games that look so good you would swear that they were video games. It also features lots of jackpots, and as the title mentions, no need for deposit bonus codes. It's one of our go to destinations when we want to play pretty games, and we think you'll agree after hearing about some of them.

Great Games

One of our favorite games as well and the most popular, as well as one of the most recent, Jungle stripes features tigers out in the jungle, and it is somewhat like a Tarzan version of a slot machine game starring a tiger. It sounds strange, but looks amazing! It also plays just as well. The art style, the gameplay, and everything else comes together perfectly.

Another game we love is Hat Trick Hero. Soccer is growing in popularity across the world, and this game is one such example. It's one of the best games we have ever seen featuring the sport, and also one that most players have come to enjoy given it's rising up the rankings very quickly. There aren't that many other games like it, which is why they trademark the name. You'll love it because we do!

The Defenders is also another lovely game, featuring an anime inspired art style, and a good color scheme. If you find yourself drawn to manga and all things Asian, you'll definitely be drawn to what you find here. There aren't many complaints that we have, other than the backgrounds not being quite as high budget as the main game itself.

Another favorite of ours is Winning Vegas. It's a classic game that has a nice art style reminiscent of the two-point hospital series. It's not quite as creative, but it has a similar look that takes its inspirations from Wallace and Gromit, and related claymation and 3-D films. We think that you'll love the endearing characters that they portray, and how much money you will win!

Some Great Knockoffs Too

No matter which game you play, you'll love it. There are even some knock offs of some major anime series, like Hero School, and Seirei Academy. We're not sure how long they'll stay, but play them before the copyright notices come!